Discover a clearer way to Live And Lead in Christ.

Is leadership thrusting you to the edges of your capacity?

You don’ have to remain uncertain about the future of your ministry.

At LiveAndLead we assist church leaders in discovering and unlocking a vision and direction for their Church in Christ, helping them propel the Gospel forward with greater clarity and intentionality within their unique context.

Through training and coaching in key areas of strategic and executive leadership, LiveAndLead aspires to help you live and lead in Christ by driving a vision that you and your church can really get excited about today.

Here to Serve

The Leadership Behind Our Team

Badi Badibanga

Founder & Director

With over 15 years of leadership in ministry, Badi has discovered and developed tools to LiveAndLead through the uncertainty of constant change and disruption.

Scott Harris

Strategic Operations

Effectively serving leaders and organizations through efficient people-centrric tehcnology is a cornerstone of Scott’s passion at LiveAndLead.

Invest in the future of your Church.

Faithfully grow in stewarding God’s talents through the opportunities and challenges your Church faces.

Change comes from who you are.

Drive Your Vision

Effective leaders don’t just ask where they want to be tomorrow, but what they must do today to get there.

Discern Your Mission

A leader’s success is not the outcome of goals, but the by-product of effective mechanics.

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